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Isabella Sinclaire
Isabella Sinclaire
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Interviewer: Nikki
Date of Interview: 8/7/2007

1. So tell me, how did you get your start in the fetish world?

I moved to NYC from the South when I was 20 years old. I really had no exposure to fetish as a child but when I was studying psychology in college, I realized I wanted to know more about deviant or abnormal psychology and began reading the chapters about S & M. I felt that I was getting a very black and white idea of the subject so I started exploring it on my own, through books. I found a vintage hardback book by John Willie and it was fascinating to me. I then saw an ad for a club in a NY magazine that had a fetish dressed drag queen in it and I decided to go. I then met a girl who was wearing fetish clothes and asked her where she got it. She gave me the info for a store called Body Worship on the lower east side. I went there and the owner, Andy, started asking me tons of questions about which house I worked in. I had no idea what he meant since I wasn't working in the fetish industry at the time and really didn't know there was such an industry. I was very na?ve but curious so he gave me a name of a place that hired dominant ladies and I decided to explore it. It was really a curiosity that snowballed into a very exciting career. I felt like a fish in water and really started cultivating my dominant personality and desires.

2. Can you describe your most favorite performance or scene?

I really don't have a favorite. I think the aspect that makes my scenes exceptional is the chemistry between me and my play partner. I do love bondage, heavy masochists, intense medical themed scenarios, bullwhipping and single tails, rubber and sensory deprivation play.

3. Would you please tell us a bit about your website?

I have several websites that cater to most fetishes. First, I have my personal site It is more of a PR website or resume of sorts. Then there is which is my membership based site dedicated primarily to my dominance and control over male submissives and the occasional female submissive. I have my own fetish video line called Ivy Manor videos, so I created a online store called and last but not least is the newest addition to my online presence, GwenMedia is a very large and internationally respected video store and online membership site that is dedicated primarily to latex and femdom exploration. The most notable videos are the Ivy Manor Series, Mind Control Series, Rubberella movies and others that feature several famous fetish models like Ashley Renee, Jewell Marceau, Eden Wells, Jean Bardot, Amanda Wildfyre and many more.

4. As a ProDomme, what advice can you give to newbies out there regarding play with new partners?

Try to find professional training and/or classes held through local S/M friendly organizations or if that isn't available in your area, then start out very slow and communicate the whole way through. There are several books available, like "How to be Dominant Diva" and "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns." It is also a good idea to watch movies together and see what interests you have as a couple.

5. You have starred in many adult fetish films, what would you say is your favorite film or series?

The Ivy Manor Series would have to be a favorite as far as female slaves go and that is available through GwenMedia. It helps to have an amazing writer and director like John Fitzgerald to work with. It really makes that series stand out amongst most fetish videos. I also like my films with male masochists, Naughty Plumber and Corporate Punishment 1 and 2 are but a few, and they are available through

6. If you had to choose a single fetish as your absolute favorite, what would that be? Why?

Latex bondage and Sensory Deprivation combined. I think the texture and tightness of Latex coupled with sensory play and overload is very exciting and unique. It is a very specialized type of play and can be extreme to very sensual which creates endless possibilities in a scene.

7. "Safe, Sane and Consensual" is often used when referring to BDSM play, what does that statement mean to you personally?

I feel a great sense of responsibility when I do scenes with my play partners. I am assuming total responsibility for their mind and body and it is very important for me to always play with caution while still having a great time. Nothing is worse than an accident or misunderstanding to ruin a play session. It's funny, there is a line in a certain blockbuster movie that I have said my whole career, "with great power comes great responsibility." I have the power to encourage a submissive to do nearly anything to make me happy. It is in their nature to want to make me happy so I make sure not to abuse that power or privilege.

8. Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans?

Although I have achieved a great deal of success in the fetish world, I think I have remained humble and very approachable. I love to hear from my fans. I love written letters and fan art especially. I love when fans travel to visit me at conventions or in Los Angeles and I am able to offer them a piece of my world through my experience and accomplishments.

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